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The Return of Saturn World Tour was the fourth concert tour by No Doubt. The tour was in support of thier fourth album of the same name. The tour visited ampitheaters and arenas and three stadiums in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Every show of the tour was filmed and a few were shown on local television stations however, no official release has ever been made available to the public. 

Set ListEdit

1. Ex- Girlfriend 

2. New

3. Tragic Kingdom

4. Hey You!

5. Magics in the Makeup

6. Sunday Morning 

7. Different People

8. Spiderwebs 

9. Happy Now?

10. Six Feet Under

11. Too Late

12. Mary Me

13. Dark Blue

14. Starting Problem 

15. Excuse Me Mr. 

16. Squeal 

17. Doghouse 

18. Trapped in a Box 

19. Total Hate 

20. Snakes 

21. Simple Kind of Life 

22. Bathwater

23. Don't Speak 

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